Thumbtack, a Useful Local Service Directory

May 5th, 2011 Posted by Local SEO, Website Engineering 5,653 comments

Thumbtack is a new local service directory. It enables small businesses to increase their presence online and gain referrals.

It is a valuable tool for local search consultants looking to increase their clients’ visibility in the local community.

The platform is easy to use, though some of the more advanced features might be slightly daunting for small business owners with no basic training on the internet. But whoever knows what a “back link” is will handle the tool without a hitch.

What I particularly like in Thumbtack:

  • Ease of use
  • Link to Craiglist (to post your business listing)
  • Interconnectivity with Facebook and Linkedin
  • Possibility to load photos and videos for free, as many as you wish
  • It’s a valuable outlet to increase your business visibility

Thumbtack is new on the local search directory stage, but it offers what it takes to become a very useful advertising tool. On top of that, it’s currently free! Local search consultants and small business owners need to jump on it before it becomes expensive to list one’s business in it.

Here is a link where you can promote your business with Thumbtack. I earn brownie points if you use this link. But don’t feel forced.

Phil Chavanne