LocalRanker: Benefits for the Local Web Consultant

May 5th, 2011 Posted by Website Engineering 7,224 comments

The following video gives Local Web Consultants a quick overview of the benefits ofLocalRanker™ for their consulting business.

The LocalRanker software was initially developed as a faster website builder. Over the last 2 years, it has become a soap box on the web for small businesses.

More than just a website builder, LocalRanker helps small businesses and the Local Search Consultants to work faster and really focus on growing their business… Not learning technology.

The bottom line

For the small business owner, LocalRanker goes beyond blogs and website builders such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. It is not more powerful than these software tools: it is just more tailored to the real needs of business owners.

It enables them to do business right out of the box, with just the right tools, without the clutter of a zillion useless plugins.

Traditional businesses don’t care about technology. Technology irritates them. They care about getting more clients through the doorsmore orders on the phone or online.

If you can do this quickly for them, you win. If you don’t, you lose.

Bottom line: does the website you offer them hustle business?

Ready to rock… or fumbling with outsourcing and plugins?

Getting good results in local search is only partly tied to the website itself. Getting good results in the organic search results has a lot to do with the website.

Assuming your client needs a new website (they could for a variety of reasons, including focusing and optimizing their websites better), you don’t want to spend much time building it.

The faster this website is off your table =
the faster new clients show up at your client’s door.

That’s why LocalRanker was built. It automates multiple steps of creating and setting up the website. It comes pre-installed with the right blend of functions your client’s site must have, and is delivered fully hitched to Google and hooked to social media.

It saves you time, aggravation, client dissatisfaction, loss of credibility, frustration with web designers and outsourcing, having to learn difficult technology you couldn’t care less about, and things that don’t work when they should work. Who likes Murphy’s Laws?

Some examples

Here are 5 proven ways in which LocalRanker saves you a heap of troubles… and tons of money:

  • If you are not a WordPress specialist, forget about installing a fully optimized WordPress blog and two dozen plug-ins in a few minutes. LocalRanker comes fully installed and hosted.
  • Blogs have a bland, stereotyped look. They can’t satisfy small business owners who want to stick out from the crowd, have their own visual identity. LocalRanker websites come with a full photographic look & feel. Not the ‘blog look’. Our 1500+  ‘skins’cover a large segment of the US economy.
  • Blogs do not naturally communicate with social media. They require additional installation work and tweaking. In this regard, custom HTML websites are worse. LocalRanker websites come fully connected to multiple social media platforms.
  • WordPress blogs or Joomla sites do not natively offer subscriber list and e-mail management capabilities. As a Local Search Consultant, you will have to set that up yourself. Good luck if you are not experienced. With LocalRanker websites, business owners can build up their subscriber list (with cell phone numbers) right out of the box.
  • Have you tried to make a local search-friendly mobile version of a website? It’s a joke! LocalRanker automatically creates a fast-loading mobile version of your client’s site, fully search friendly, with clickable phone numbers. You don’t even have to think about it.

In fact, the most time-consuming part of building a website with LocalRanker is not building the site. Nope. It’s getting the content from your client.

This video expands a bit more on the various benefits of using LocalRanker to set up websites for your clients. It’s only 5’41” long. Five 5 minutes to save you hundreds of hours of grunt work and frustration with technology and outsourcing.