Landing page Excelsior Real Estate v4-1 lowrez

Landing page design for a real-estate broker

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CASE:  Mini-case study – Landing page design for a real-estate broker in Tucson


(1) Generate real-estate leads in the framework of a banner display campaign; (2) Create a landing page design that reflects well on the public image of the broker.


(a) The lead generation campaign uses display networks to generate interest in a local builder trade-in program. Past history show the banners getting clicks (CTR > national average) but not converting into calls.

(b) Landing page must be full responsible and mobile-friendly. It must download speedily: the clicks will come both from mobile devices and desktops.

(c) The design of the landing page must reflect the high-quality level of the broker’s services.


(1) We designed a 1920 pixel-wide page with translucent surfaces and a gold/beige/black theme to reflect quality and affluence.

(2) We integrated 4 “How-To” videos previously shot with the broker’s team. Each video delivers valuable advice to anyone looking to buy a home in the local market.

(3) We clearly identified the call-to-action by highlighting it in a black box with a lime green “CALL ME” button.

(4) Despite the use of 2 large photos in the background, the page is extremely speedy. The mobile version was redesigned using CSS.


The page is just launched so we don’t have a history of conversion just yet. What we can say is that visually, it reflects well on the broker’s image and that it is speedy.


Landing page Excelsior Real Estate v4-1 lowrez
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