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HELMET CENTRAL Retail Site – Mini Case Study

April 20th, 2018 Posted by Development, Local SEO, Web Design No Comment yet

CASE: Building a retail site for the Helmets department of the Renegade Classics Tucson store.


(1) Increase helmet sales in the store; (2) Lower the cost of advertising; (3) Improve the web presence of the store; (4) Strengthen the branding of the helmets department of the store.


Challenge #1 was to make sure the store would not lose its SEO rankings for “helmets” and “tucson”.

Challenge #2 was to ensure website visitors have access to the full offer, whatever type of helmets they are looking for.

Challenge #3 was to increase the Quality Score of the helmets ads of the store in Google Adwords, so as to lower the cost per click (CPC) and the overall Adwords budget of the store.


(1) Rather than creating additional pages on the main domain, we developed a new retail site which we installed on a subdomain. This allowed us to brand the department “Helmets Central” more strongly than just additional pages on the existing site, and it also enabled us to build a separate database and run it separately from that of the main site.

(2) Since motorcycle helmets are clearly categorized in the market, we organized the database by the top known categories, and created a product for each helmet carried by the store, under “brand”, “type” and “model”. The website navigation offers multiple ways to access a specific brand, a specific helmet and a specific type of helmet. This enables visitors to access the full breadth of the offer.

(3) Because each product is clearly identified, and each type of helmet is associated with a complete ‘description blurb’, the Adwords Quality Score of every page is now higher than ever before when all helmets ads were landing on a single helmet page on the main site. As a result, the CPC decreased.

(4) As we created single page for single products, the number of relevant pages of the website increased, leading to a higher number of indexed pages in Google and better SEO rankings for the store on long-tail queries AND fat-tail queries.


The new retail site for Helmet Central gives the store a much stronger presence in the search results, a stronger branding for their Helmets Department, and generates more foot traffic to the store which ultimately results in higher helmet sales