Greg Rice is the creative genius behind the line of custom motorcycle handlebars named Deep Sickness.

With little capital and treasures of know-how, Greg developed a series of innovative handlebars made to the highest U.S. standards.

The e-commerce website reflects the sophistication of the product line as well as the traditional 'biker memes'- without the scantily clad babes.

It is fully responsive, with a special interface for mobile phones.


Bruce Eckhardt is a quasi legend in the world of Southwestern jewelry. So much so the man is called "the stone whisperer"!

Bruce's favorite stones are turquoises, malachite, opals, chrysophase. For 35 years the man has walked the deserts and went down the mine shafts to find valuable stones from which to make extraordinary jewels.

Bruce's site is a testament to the beauty of his art. It is fully responsive and fully e-commerce enabled.

A personal blog is on its way.


Anchored right smack in the middle of Tucson, Renegade Classics is the largest biker outlet in Southern Arizona.

Renegade Classics is loved by bikers from all over because of their wide product selection and also because their staff is knowledgeable and spends the time necessary to advise their clients correctly.

Their new site reflects the depth of their product offer and the flavors of the biker culture under a sophisticated interface unusual in this industry.

The site is full responsive, with a specific interface for mobile phones.


This site was developed for a Tucson plumbing company, one of the biggest and oldest in Tucson and certainly the one with the best reputation.

Our main challenge was the number of lines of business covered by the company: serving both commercial and residential clients in no less than 8 core specialties, on top of an HVAC department, Pioneer Plumbing needed its website to show the full scope of its expertise while remaining uncluttered and clean -- contrary to the websites of most plumbing operations which seem designed with a 1990s flavor (read: butt-ugly).

We used a lot of white space and clean rectangular structures with a respect for symmetry. The Open Sans font in shades of grey and blue adds to a clean and legible look & feel. We embedded video testimonials, clients' logos, 3 social media channels and a Google map.

In the end, the Pioneer Plumbing website stands out, far above any website in its industry, and showcases the know-how and attention to detail the plumbing company is well known for.


Candice Thomas, licensed acupuncturist and owner of LightWorks Acupuncture, has a very strong sense of her mission in life, both as a healer and an educator.

She needed her new website to reflect her core values: - High-value holistic approach - Genuine optimism and positive emotions

We design the website with ample white space to relax the eye, and with an attention for symmetry to emphasize predictability.

The color scheme reflect very closely the colors of the LightWorks logo, with hints of teal and orange.

The stock photos were selected by the owner, and they reflect her unbridled optimism. We did a photoshoot in her newly renovated premises to show future patients what beautiful environment they can expect to be treated in. Anything but the "medical look".

The website features a video blog which is updated on a regular basis by Candice.

OUTCOME: The owner is thrilled by the look and feel of her new site. She actually has received calls from other acupuncturists who complimented her for the quality of the design.


A 5-star rated company in business for almost 20 years, Arizona TIle & Grout Care renovates all types of natural stone and ceramic floors.

The main challenge of the website was to design it to show the high level of service of the company. Cleaning tiles and grout is no sexy business, but Rob Edwards' clients rave about his work and the flawlessness of his service.

To translate this reputation into design, we use 3 main colors: tons of white space, gold/bronze font, and black. Everything in the site is symmetrical to render the idea of "predictable outcome".

To show the quality of the work, we did several photoshoots in clients' homes. We also took some shots of the team and the truck fleet to show that the company was "solid" and to underscore its longevity.

The reputation of the company is made immediately accessible in the site by small thumbnails leading to consumer review pages in Angie's List, Google, the BBB and Yelp. On top of that, we shot several video testimonials of clients who express their satisfaction for the work.

The owner also spent good money on 4 videos showing the work of the company. These high-production value videos were shot and edited by a production team based in Los Angeles.

The website is fully responsive: it displays in exactly the same way on a desktop and on iPad, which required some strenuous CSS work due to iPad and Safari incompatibilities.

The mobile phone site has been optimized specifically for cell phones. We went beyond "responsive" to create a "fully mobilized" site.

Bottom line: The website stands out way above its local competition and compares very favorably with other such companies nationwide.