Avoid these 3 optimization errors on your site

January 28th, 2012 Posted by Local SEO 6,709 comments

In this video, I take apart 3 errors that should be avoided at all cost when optimizing your website. I used a real-life example: the website of a Tucson-based printer, a website built with a mediocre site builder.

The 3 major errors on this site are:

  • Multiple outgoing links in its home page: Most links directing outside your website will lower your rankings in Google. Not all of them, but most, especially if they are sitting in your home page. I published an article on the issue on this site earlier.
  • Multiple banners in the home page: Links and banners — especially when they are very visible on your page — risk directing your visitors outside your website, losing them to your products.
  • Wrong keywords: You can get a Page 1 listing in Google on keywords that attract zero traffic. Before you optimize your website, you have to research and determine what exact keywords your site should be positioned for.
There are other issues with the design of the website, all caused by an inadequate template. But this is another chapter. Here is the video. Sin no more.

To your unmitigated success.
Phil Chavanne